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Digital Conferencing Done Right

Digital Conferencing Done Right

Digital conferencing

Here is the thing: if you are involved in any sort of business, conferencing is one of your greatest assets. This is where the magic happens. Whether you’re talking to your coworkers in another branch or clients on the other side of the globe, conferences tend to yield great results.

Like most things in life, conferencing has been massively boosted thanks to technology. Digital conferencing has taken the business world by storm. We want you to stay ahead of the curve and master the art.

How does AVIPlus make sure that you have the most successful conference meetings? Where do we start?

We Provide Full Support

This is a great place to kick off. We know; conferences are by no means easy. It isn’t in everyone’s skillset. That is why our customer care team is determined to make sure you put out the best presentation possible.

Not only will we set up all the tools for conferencing, but we’ll also be more than happy to make content that would elevate the quality of your conference. 

Top-notch Gear

Speaking of tools. our digital conferencing system is tailor-made for efficiency. Each component comes with a unique set of advantages that put you in the driver’s seat.

Our Newlink meeting kit is the best in the business for Skype, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. Don’t believe us? Let’s a look at the tech provided in the YEALINK ZVC840 bundle.

The Heart Of The System

The MCore Mini-PC may be small but don’t make the mistake of assuming it’s weak. While it’s not a gaming pc (we mean that’s a good thing; you don’t want to find your employee playing first-person shooters in the conference hall), it is the classic definition of a powerhouse. 

The 8 gigs of RAM mean that it has more than enough memory and to run your meeting smoothly. Intel 8th gen quad-core i5 processor allows it to run faster than you’ll ever need it to.

Additionally, you can choose between Bluetooth and wifi for connectivity. You can even go with ethernet if you want to. 

Control Everything

Yealink MTouch II Touch Panel takes Digital Conferencing to the next level. With this easy-to-use control hub, you can monitor and control everything that is going on in your meetings.

Sound is Key

You need more than a PC to have a conference meeting. It isn’t much of a meeting without the ability to communicate. We’ve got you covered there with the state-of-the-art Yealink soundbar and high-quality VCM34 Array microphones. 

Say Cheese

Don’t think Cheddar, think Pule. The cheese enthusiasts got that one. What we mean is you can’t find a better camera system in a conference system.

A 4K camera with 12X zoom seems overkill, doesn’t it? Well, we want to leave no stone unturned and the UVC84 USB PTZ Camera guarantees that.

Feel Free To Contact Us

Digital Conferencing doesn’t have a one size fits all solution. We just listed the best hardware we have to offer. You may not need that much. Call us anytime so we can understand your needs and meet them.