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Top-Of-The-Line Digital Display Boards

Top-Of-The-Line Digital Display Boards

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Aviplus is one of the leading suppliers of digital display boards in Ireland. Our products are unique and innovative, therefore bringing an edge to your business. Digital display boards are effective in boosting sales and customer engagement. For example, statistics show that businesses can expect an 8% increase in up sales after installing digital display signage!

We also have experts who can install your purchased or hired signages for the business. Other than that, we also provide maintenance checks and other aftercare services for installed items. Our digital display boards will add a modernized look to your organization. 

Digital Display Boards For All Industries

Other than installing the boards in official settings, Aviplus also extends its services to various other sectors and industries. Our most common clients come from backgrounds, such as education, hospitality, office, gym, and fitness, food and drinks, showrooms, etc., and many more. 

How Schools Can Benefit 

Having digital signage in each of these industries can benefit the businesses in them. For example, schools and colleges can have us install our digital whiteboard, instead of opting for a traditional blackboard/whiteboard. 

On top of seeming pleasant innovative and modern, such a piece of equipment can also create more engagement within students. At the same time, it can also encourage and motivate them into grasping the concepts they are learning better and faster. 

How Food Sectors Can Benefit 

Alongside that, another example that you can consider is having a digital display board installed in a restaurant. Take a pizza place for instance. Our large graphic billboards will attract potential customers to your pizzeria, therefore boosting up sales. This is because a large, flashy display of a giant pizza slice can seem more desirable and tasty to passersby, instead of a plain old billboard. 

How Offices Can Benefit

How many times have you seen a co-worker dozing off to a boring, long lecture or presentation? We bet the chances are more than a handful! So, why not take a different and modernized approach to that issue by getting a few of our innovative digital signages installed?

A digital display board can be rather uplifting for employees who get bored too often. On top of that, the colourful display can be engaging for those who prefer visual examples in presentations and meetings. As a result, employees will be able to grasp the concept of your presentation better, while increasing productivity as well. 

How Hospitals Can Benefit 

On the other hand, we have hospitals purchasing and hiring our digital signages as well. Our unique boards can be rather comforting in such environments, as you can have them display words of encouragement and hope. 

We Are Only A Call Away

Aviplus is always ready to assist clients with technical issues regarding digital display boards. Our customer service is also top-notch, so you can have us take a look at any kind of problem you run into. 

Our team of experts will install and provide aftercare for each product that you purchase or hire from us.