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Don’t Need A Digital Menu Board? Think Again

Don’t Need A Digital Menu Board? Think Again

Digital Menu Board

From Mcdonald’s to the small pub down the road, almost every shop utilizes Digital Menu Board. And why wouldn’t they?

Face it; traditional signs are out of style. Digital Menu boards elevate your business to the next level. There’s no better option in Ireland than AVIPlus if you want to set one up. But first, why do you even need the upgrade?

Why Digital Menu Boards Are Better

We get it. We can’t just throw another claim without backing them up with logical reasoning. Here are 3 clear-cut reasons why a Digital Board Menu is the superior option.

Save Trees

Trees are living things. We’re just cutting them down left and right to make menus. The moral qualms aside, it isn’t very practical. They are one of our primary sources of oxygen. We lose enough to forest fires; we don’t need to lose more on a big Mac poster.

It’s Eye-Catching

We’ve all been behind that bloke who takes hours to order. A bright board might help speed up his ordering process.

Also, we’re going to let you in on a secret; LED signboards to get people’s attention faster and better. Already knew that? Why aren’t you go with Digital Menu Board then?


We know; it must be the assumption that they’re more expensive. Unfortunately, this is true in the short run. The initial cost does exceed that of printing. But have you thought about when you have to make changes?

You need to brand new menus each time you add an additional item and that can’t be very profitable. On a digital menu, it all happens at the click of a button

You also make a lot of sales thanks to the second point and you can advertise specific menu items. We think the profits definitely justify the investment. As a result, it is surprisingly cost-effective in the long run. 

Why You Should Go With AVIPlus 

Now that we’ve established that you should totally go for a Digital Menu Board. Why should you go with us?

Plenty Of Options

We don’t mean in terms of companies. Our unrivaled services earn that adjective due to the fact that we give you exactly what you need. 

Our budget options include the Alesse Digital boards and other wall-mounted digital signage from reputable companies such as LG, Samsung, and BOE. Willing to invest? Go for the Vestel Display or if you’re really fancy, you can go with the Ultra-thin digital display. 

You have a variety of choices in terms of size for each option The world’s your oyster. 

Content Creation

We can create graphics or videos tailored for your business. Our menu designs are a cut above the rest.

Great Reliability

Our screens are high quality but are we? That’s a great question and one we are determined to always answer with a resounding yes.

We are dedicated to quality control. Our tried and tested 5 step work strategy ensures that our services are bang on.

Give Us and Digital Menu Boards A Shot

We promise you a Digital Menu Board is a step in the right direction and we’ll be with you through every step of the journey. Our customers always come first. We take your input. If you don’t like something our customer care team is happy to help.