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Aviplus Are The Interactive Whiteboard Specialists In Ireland And We Offer Avocor – Accurate, Superior And Affordable

Delivering the ultimate interactive whiteboard experience for usability and collaboration for Schools, Colleges, Universities, SME, Enterprise, Healthcare and a whole host of industries,the Avocor Interactive whiteboards are available with innovative software that makes Interactive white boarding engaging, familiar and a breeze to use.

Delivering The Ultimate Interactive Whiteboard Experience For Usability And Collaboration

The E series of interactive whiteboards / displays introduces first-to-market features such as optically bonded glass into a 4K IR display, making the E series the most high-performing, cost-effective solution available on the market. 

The cutting-edge lightweight LED technology of the Avocor E series 65”, 75″ and 86″ interactive whiteboard / displays combinesfirst-to-market 2mm optically bonded glass with a 4K IR interactive display. The E series deliversultra-fast 20-points of touch using Avocor Intelligent Touch, the functionality to insert an OPS unit via the OPS slot as well as the Connect and Control bar at the bottom of the screen.

Interactive Whiteboard Sessions In Avocor Note By Nureva, FlatFrog And Ximbus

The Avocor Note software has been designed with collaboration in mind,  allowing users to easily export sessions into other Windows 10 applications. The software also integrates with Nureva’s Cloud based Span solution, enabling users to start whiteboarding sessions in Avocor Note by Nureva and then move content into the Span ideation solution therefore creating a complete end-to-end collaboration solution for multi-group collaboration.

Avocor Note by Nureva fully supports multiple image formats, allowing end users to bring in their own backgrounds, image objects and vector icons and create stunning visual content to your interactive whiteboard. In addition, Avocor Note by Nureva will also ship with a wealth of professional content, enabling users to create interactive whiteboard sessions that deliver real impact quickly and easily.

The software seamlessly integrates with the revolutionary Avocor lightweight LED technology on a 4K IR interactive display, which, via object recognition, differentiates between pen, finger and palm, and can also be used on third party touch screen devices. In addition, because Avocor Note by Nureva has been specifically designed from the ground up for Windows 10, it does not suffer from lagging issues, unlike other existing or legacy whiteboard applications may.

Flat Frog

Flat Frog is another wonderful piece of software for Interactive whiteboards. whether you use your finger or a pen, you get both the exact annotation and the ability to use “in app” MS inking features on other popular applications.


Redefining how lessons are created & delivered to modern classrooms. Ximbus’ vision is simple; to transform how teachers teach & how students learn, by providing an intuitive platform for your interactive whiteboard for you to develop & deliver enriched lessons in minutes.

” The touch on the Avocor system was excellent with an active pen approach, although this did not require a dedicated powered pen, all of the technology was incorporated into the glass. We could easily run our software which could convert the handwritten notes into the high precision of the touch surface “

Malcolm Nash, Technology Consultant, Leading Pharmaceutical Company

” With the Avocor display solution, the transition from ideation to a tangible outcome has made us take decisions quicker and more efficiently, making our business more productive as a result “

Gideon Tester, Business Digital Systems Manager, Altro Limited

” There were a number of reasons why we made the decision to standardise on Avocor here at London Metropolitan University, we are extremely impressed with the overall aesthetics of the solution. The writing experienceof the display is outstanding while the pre-installed educational software is easy to use and extremely intuitive.”

Oliver Holmes, Deputy Director of Technology and Operations, London Metropolitan University

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Avocor Interactive Whiteboards – Pen,Finger And Palm Erase

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