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Your Source For LED Wall Rental

Your Source For LED Wall Rental

LED Wall Rental

If you don’t know what an LED Wall is, it’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s basically an LED display that is the size of a wall. Needless to say, these displays are super duper expensive.

So unless you’ve got a kidney or two to spare, LED Wall Rental is the way to go. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to find someone who does rent out this handy technology. 

That is because very few people own and even few people have the technical knowledge to run a business around this concept. That’s where we step in.

Here at Aviplus, we set up audio-video systems on a daily so the installment is a piece of cake to us at this point. The thing that was tough was getting a hold of these screens; they don’t come cheap.

Before we talk about what we have to offer, let’s talk about the packages that you have available to you.

The Types of LED Walls We Have

LED-wall rental is pretty similar to other rentals in this regard. You can’t just enter the shop and say I want an LED wall. No, you need to pick the type that best matches your needs. 

You could go for our cheapest option which is a 4Sqm Led Screen. The dimensions on this screen are 2560mm x 1536mm. This will be adequate for most purposes.

We do have a more premium option in the 6Sqm Led Screen. This is considerably larger, standing at 3072mm x 2048mm. This package maybe a little too posh but it certainly won’t let you down.

Speaking of posh, our 12Sqm is the definition of overkill. The massive 3072mm x 2048mm screen isn’t just eye-catching, it’s breath-taking. Your audience will be in awe of whatever they are watching.

Our Services

To answer that question, you could choose to produce your own stuff or you could really on our tried and test content production services. With that said, let’s examine all that we have to offer.

Content Production & Management

As we mentioned, we can make the content that you want to display for you. Just tell us the purpose and our creative team will start shifting the gears.

If you do already have content, we can help you manage it in a way that increases the impact it leaves on the audience.

Live Camera Feed

If you don’t want to show pre-recorded content, we can set that up as well. Our excellent technicians can set up a live feed straight to your LED wall. This may be a football match, an ODI or even, a heated UFC fight. The choice is yours.

Full PA System

You aren’t going to be using this screen at home or in your backyard (unless you’re Bill Gates). So, we will provide you with the equipment to make public announcements easily.

Power Generator

These systems consume quite a bit of power and so we make sure you get it. We provide generators anywhere without a mains outlet.

You Are Our First Concern

We take customer care super seriously in LED wall rental. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us now or any time of the day and we’ll be more than happy to help you.