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Setting Up A Window Screen

Setting Up A Window Screen

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Picture this: you’re walking down Grafton Street. You see at least a dozen stores on your little trip downtown. Which one stands out to you the most?

We’re guessing it has a window with a screen. This window screen is one of the best visual tricks that shopowners use and it works to perfection. If you are a shop owner yourself, you don’t want to miss out on this hack.

We here at Aviplus are determined to help you. We strive to give to the best Audio Video systems that will add to the already effective screen technique. 

We can understand if you are a bit sceptical. It’s only natural. To prove to you that we aren’t just throwing words around, we’ll tell you exactly what we have to offer.

Our Sophisticated 5 Step Program

We want you to get the best out of our services and make sure that your window screen looks the best that it can. That’s why we worked out a tried and tested 5-step procedure to guarantee effective results.

1.Assessment & Requirements

We don’t believe in blindly providing you standard services. Our services will be personalized and specially tailor to meet your needs.  In other words, we will take a look at what you are selling and find the AV projects that work best for you.

Our audio-video projects include videos, graphics, presentations, or simply good old audio. The last one defeats the purpose of a screen, however.

2.Options & Proposal

We want you to be involved in every step of the process so as soon as we’ve crafted the project that we feel best suits you. 

We want your input and want you to be part of our creative process. Nothing happens without your permission and explicit approval. 

3.Works Strategy & Delivery Plan 

Once we’ve decided on a project, the planning process isn’t over. In fact, it has just started. We still have to plan how we are going to implement that project cost-effectively and how were are going to install the window screen.

We believe that planning is a vital part of any process. Without it, things seldom go right.

4.Fully Managed Installation & Testing 

The penultimate step to our process is the most obvious one. We’ll set everything up. By that, we mean everything. Our highly-trained staff will make sure your Audio-video system is set up to perfection.

Our quality standards never drop. We serve each and every one of our clients with equal care.

5. Handover, Training, and After Care

Finally, our favourite part: we don’t leave you hanging. We won’t just up and leave after we finish the setup of your window screen. That’s another bold claim, you might be thinking. Let’s try to convince the sceptics yet again.

For starters, we will train your employees to use the technology we set up. Secondly, we will conduct remote monitoring and physical site visits to ensure everything is fine and dandy. 

Lastly, we will be available 24/7 for you to reach out to us for any queries. So what are you waiting for? Dial that number and we’ll be there in a jiffy.